//  Origin:  Fort Wayne, IN

//  Genres:  Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Rock

// Members:

  • Joe Stilwell (Vocals/Guitar)

  • Lee Cliff (Bass)

  • Luke Matulis (Lead Guitar)

//  Years Active:  2017 - 2018

// Website: caldertheband.bandcamp.com

// Original Act / able to play quality covers

Full Biography:

     Calder the Band is an alternative trio who released their freshmen album, Till I Get It Right in May 2018. Leading the release with two singles 'Little Man', and 'Cope', Calder has resonated in the Spotify community. The album as a whole has seen success in the band's hometown of Fort Wayne, Indianan. Divide and Conquer highlights the album's "melodic brilliance" and "instances of artistic excellence."

    The group consists of Lee Cliff (Bass), Luke Matulis (Lead Guitar), and Joe Stilwell (Vocals/Guitar). The band has been under the inspiration of nearly every category of music ranging from the likes of "Glen Campbell", "Twin Peaks", "Tame Impala", "Radiohead", "Coldplay", and "Alvvays". However, Calder  has found that they are most authentic in the styling of alt-rock being compared to tracks from bands such as "Foster the People", some"Beach House" tunes, and "Young the Giant's" guitar driven freshmen album.

     Lee (Bass) grew up in High Point, NC up through middle school. His family then made the decision to live in Hong Kong where he spent his high school years. It was there that he fell in love with the sound, style, and culture of playing the bass. Luke (Lead Guitar) has grown up in Chicago, IL which has left a permanent mark on his heart for the city. Hearing the music that is birthed from its boundaries, Luke has been inspired both to create and play music that will add to the rich culture of the art form. Joe (Vocals/Guitar), hailing from Fenton, MI, has been playing music since elementary, learning through different band programs in school. He desires to make music that means something: a realness that can speak to the hearts of many. These three members met right out of high school at Word of Life Bible Institute in Pottersville, NY where they studied the Bible and engaged in ministry for the one-year program. Soon, after forming friendships and sharing desires of similar nature, ideas of forming a group emerged. Right after graduation from the program, the band officially started in the fall of 2017 in the city of Fort Wayne, IN.


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Their online presence began with releasing some successful demos onto soundcloud, which you can listen to here:

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