Calder's Current Discography


Till I Get It Right

The debut album of Calder the Band is buoyant and fun, but filled with meaning, hope, and a faint strain for longing to be with what is ahead. "Till I Get It Right" is awesome, don't have time to finish our own review of our own album. It's fun, though. Give it a try.

Cover Art by: Emily Misner



"Cope" is Calder's second single off of their debut album, "Till I Get It Right". It's well-crafted songwriting, mixed with tight and delicate guitar work make for a song that's intriguing and beautiful.  Wow. That just sounds nice. But the song sounds better, trust me.

Cover Art by: Emily Misner


Little Man

Calder's first official single, "Little Man" is a mix of green. Yeah. That's all I can say to this one. It's like a Caesar salad, too, with the croutons just as crunchy as that guitar tone, the Ranch dressing is a soothing bass line, and all the greens coming from Joe Stilwell's voice. Sups up. 

Cover Art by: Emily Misner